PSM Medical Imaging Specialists, Inc. believes a well-managed IT and IS infrastructure should be invisible to business owners and patients. 

We understand what it takes to support a true mission critical environment in today’s modern healthcare setting. Let PSM Medical Imaging Specialists, Inc. take care of the technical details, freeing up your time and energy to enhance patient outcomes and grow your practice.

PSM Medical Imaging Specialists, Inc. can help your company: 

Maintain & support key systems 

● Maintain data and patient information integrity 

● Check that technologists and radiologists are signing off cases as appropriate to avoid having any old cases that have not been read 

● Resolve outstanding quality assurance (QA) issues 

● Check for patient information for duplicate names or patient numbers 

● Check for unarchived exams 

● Check for free disk/tape space and replace as necessary 

● Change and erase tape for database backup 

● Check that reports are imported and associated with cases in PACS 

● Train and add new users to the systemDeactivate accounts for users that no longer require access to the system 

● Confirm that data (location, facility) is being imported properly 

● Add or change facilities, sources, and referring physicians as needed 

● Check image quality and adjust if necessary 

● Merge or move patient folders as needed 

● Check that there is enough media at hand to perform regular backups 

● Troubleshoot any DICOM network connectivity issues 

● Apply security patches to Microsoft Operating System 

● Work with informatics vendor vendor to meet their general maintenance needs