Project Implementation

Implementing secure technology solutions in a healthcare environment is complex.

The team at PSM is with you every step of the way.

Below are some of the implementation services that PSM Medical Imaging Services can provide.

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Implementation Strategy

  • Based on analysis of the infrastructure and processes

  • Incorporate client requirements

  • Specify installation objectives in the areas of

    • Workflow

    • Equipment and hardware

    • Network infrastructure

    • Modality interfaces

    • Security Levels

Project Management Services

  • Provide a detailed plan and schedule

  • Proactively maintain

    • Site planning

    • Productivity

    • Equipment installation

    • Facilities preparation

    • System interfaces

    • Training of personel

Act as a liaison between the client and PACS/RIS vendor(s) to provide regular reports and to ensure that all needs, schedules and project requirements are satisfied. 

Work with the vendor to provide appropriate training to personnel in their respective areas at the client’s site to match their job requirements.