Herb Repp


Herbert Repp

New Client Relations

Herb has worked in the healthcare industry in multiple roles since 1999. As an information collector and dot connector, he brings a unique perspective to the PSM team. Herb believes that perceived organizational and technology barriers are not problems, but challenges to be efficiently, effectively, and creatively solved. 

He founded a healthcare consulting company, Vision United Associates, in 2003. Previously, he gained a wealth of industry knowledge during a five-year stint with a large, national health care organization. 

Herb’s areas of competence include relationship development, project management across multiple areas including IT, employee education and training, transition management, sales team and program development, as well as market analysis and positioning. 

Over the years, Herb has developed and implemented numerous successful marketing and sales teams and campaigns. His work has enhanced many outpatient imaging centers, hospitals, and physician specialty clinics, including large organizations like Insight Health and the Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital. 

Herb uses his broad experience and skills to empower your organization’s IT and IS technology objectives while ensuring they align with your business’s overarching goals. 

In his free time, Herb enjoys yoga, meditation, hiking, travel, reading, and stargazing with his family.