PSM Medical Imaging Specialists, Inc. wants to help ensure your healthcare business meets all IT and cybersecurity compliance Readiness requirements.

We have extensive experience working with healthcare providers who must maintain strict IT and cyber security compliance, including HIPAA compliance. 

The U.S. Congress passed the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in 1996 to help employees maintain health insurance coverage during times of job loss or change. This act was also created to reduce fraud and abuse as well as mandate a set of standard protocols for the secure handling of confidential health information. 

When HIPAA is violated, even unintentionally, serious federal penalties are the consequence. 

You can avoid them today by being proactive with established best practices.

PSM Medical Imaging Specialists, Inc. can help your company: 

Establish and implement HIPAA compliance 

● Perform HIPAA audits to uncover any flaws before the government does 

● Augment your existing staff’s It cybersecurity and compliance framework. 

● Create data backup plans and practices 

● Implement appropriate password security 

● Implement and monitor anti-malware protection 

● Ensure proper facility access controls, including physical security

Compliance Readiness